The bridge between a beautiful song and a dance floor anthem. That's me.

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The story starts when Thomas was only 13, sat with a laptop in his bedroom playing on a keyboard he had no idea how to play. Little did he know; this hobby would soon be a career.


Gaining support from BBC and receiving a top 10 BBC introducing upload of the year for a demo, he was quickly swooped up by independent record labels around the world for his music, but with only a matter of weeks he started composing a song which would soon be released on one of the biggest dance music labels on the planet. Releasing in May 2021, “The Lion” (Dubdogz, Liu, Hardlights, Sara Sangfelt – Spinnin’ Records/Dharma) started in the same place as every other Thomas Irwin release, the same place he learned keyboard years before.


It was only a matter of time before KSHMR (Owner of Dharma) approved a Thomas Irwin release under the same label, and with ‘Dharma Sounds Of Summer Vol. III’ came “Fighting Till The End” (Thomas Irwin, Scarlett – Spinnin’ Records/Dharma). Using a combination of electronic and organic instruments, “Fighting Till The End” showcased Thomas’s abilities to push the boundaries of electronic dance music at the highest of levels.


Thomas since has received coverage and features from some from the biggest electronic music blogs on the planet (, for his ability to turn his own writing and production into fully fledged anthems. 


With backing from huge labels and artists at such an early stage of his career, the British artist is without doubt a big name in the making.